hello, i'm eniola

Welcome to my design portfolio!

I'm an aspiring designer, skilled at Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch. As a product designer, I focus on interactive app design with a focus on accessibility and inclusion to create unparalleled digital experiences.

See my recent works below

SafeEATS App
I designed an iOS app for users with dietary restrictions to filter and streamline their search for restaurants with menu items that fit their specific requirements, rather than getting lost in time-consuming internet searches.
Next Gen App
I designed a multi-device job search platform dedicated and tailored to recent college graduates that allows patrons to filter and search for jobs that match their skills, track their applications, and get career advice.
Landmark Pet Hospital Website

I designed a multi-device website for a fictional pet hospital—Landmark—that allows customers to schedule veterinary appointments for their pet and edit or cancel if need be. The product is also designed to provide for account creation and management.

Angelika Film Center App
I designed an app for a fictional theater—Angelika's—that gives customers an easier and faster way to purchase film tickets, select seats, and reserve assistive equipment (if needed). There are two versions of the design: Dark Mode and Light Mode.


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